Properties in Transformation

Properties in Transformation

I was recently in São Paulo, Brazil for the Properties in Transformation conference at the Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento (CEBRAP). The conference, from 18 to 19 December, brought together an international group of scholars to discuss the nature of property and its transformations, both in Brazil and throughout Latin and Central America.

Tariq Ali

Fifty Years after the Russell War Crimes Tribunal

On 5 December 2017, I organised, with my colleague Gerry Simpson, an event at LSE to mark the 50th anniversary of the Russell War Crimes Tribunal on Vietnam. As part of the event, I interviewed Tariq Ali, a leading figure on the international left since the 1960s.

We discussed his participation in the Tribunal, including a fact-finding mission in North Vietnam and testifying before the Tribunal’s first session in Stockholm. Gerry chaired and we were joined in discussion by Ayça Çubukçu (LSE) and Jayan Nayar (Warwick).

Oxford PPE Society

Oxford PPE Society

On 28 November, I delivered a lecture on Marxism and International Law to the Oxford PPE Society at St Peter’s College, University of Oxford.

NLR 106

Spectral Expertise

I have an essay in the latest issue of New Left Review: ‘Tor Krever on David Kennedy, A World of Struggle. The unseen, ubiquitous role of experts in determinations of the global economy and international law, and in political decisions at large. Foucault really a better guide than Hobbes?’.


London Review of International Law

The latest issue (Vol 5 No 1) of the London Review of International Law is out, with essays by Luis Eslava, Rose Sydney Parfitt, Maddy Chiam, Genevieve Painter, Charlie Morton, and Robert Howse.


New Position

As of April, I am an assistant professor in the School of Law at the University of Warwick.

LRIL Vol4 No3

London Review of International Law

The latest issue (Vol 4 No 3) of the London Review of International Law is available online, with essays by Sheila Jasanoff, Michelle Burgis-Kasthala, Lucas Lixinski, David Kennedy, Stephen Hopgood, Gina Heathcote and Ben Fine.


The journal’s Annual Lecture this year will be delivered by Stuart Elden, Professor of Political Theory and Geography at the University of Warwick. The lecture, “Legal Terrain” will be on Thursday 23 February 2017 at 6.30pm in the Khalili Lecture Theatre, Main Building SOAS, University of London and will explore how terrain is a useful concept to think about the materiality of territory.

Neoliberal Legality

Neoliberal Legality

In 2013, I gave a paper at the University of Oxford on law, neoliberalism and development. It’s included in the volume Neoliberal Legality, just published by Routledge, which Honor Brabazon has edited.


Africa in the Dock: On ICC Bias

I have an essay on recent developments at the ICC on Critical Legal Thinking.

LRIL Vol 4 No 2

London Review of International Law

Issue 2, Volume 4  of the London Review of International Law is now out. It includes articles by Mark Drumbl, Christine Schwöbel-Patel, Hangameh Saberi and Henry Jones as well as an essay by Rashid Khalidi on Sykes-Picot.

Tricontinental Poster

Legacies of the Tricontinental: Imperialism, Resistance, Law

Registration is now open for the Legacies of the Tricontinental Conference in Coimbra, 22-24 September. The conference marking the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Tricontinental Conference.

LRIL Vol 4 No 1

London Review of International Law

The new issue of the London Review of International Law is now out. It includes a symposium on ‘value’ with articles by Robert Knox, Grietje Baars, Nicholas Lamp and the IGLP Law and Global Production Working Group. Also in the issue are review essays by Julia Dehm and Douglas Guilfoyle, and a John Berger-inspired graphic piece by Amanda Perry-Kessaris.


Legacies of the Tricontinental: Imperialism, Resistance, Law

The conference organisers invite paper proposals for a transdisciplinary conference marking the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Tricontinental Conference. The conference aims to reflect on the Tricontinental’s enduring political, legal and economic importance, while also bringing together academics and activists to reflect on broader issues of imperialism and anti-imperial resistance.


Hostis humani

The new issue of Radical Philosophy includes my review of Amedeo Policante’s The Pirate Myth: Genealogies of an Imperial Concept, a book that ‘rescues the pirate from the marginalia of international relations, throwing a light on his role as empire’s constitutive antagonist. While his juridical identity may have changed, the pirate has nonetheless remained a constant lodestar in a fluid seascape of imperial violence.’


Bloco’s Anti-Austerity Gamble

I talk to Francisco Louçã, founder and former leader of Portugal’s Left Bloc, about the party’s history, its support for Portugal’s new Socialist Party government, and the risks therein. Up now at Jacobin.

Duncan Kennedy

Duncan Kennedy Interview on Critical Legal Thinking

An excerpt from my conversation with Duncan Kennedy, originally published in volume 10 of Unbound, has been posted on Critical Legal Thinking.


The Bloco Tightrope

The collapse of Portugal’s right-wing government is welcome, but the Left risks becoming complicit in a new round of austerity: my analysis of Portuguese politics is in Jacobin.

Unbound Vol 10

A Conversation with Duncan Kennedy

Volume X of Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left is out and includes essays, responses, video, and photos reflecting on Duncan Kennedy’s career. It also includes a lengthy interview with Duncan by myself, Carl Lisberger and Max Utzschneider. We talk about Critical Legal Studies, Marxism, legal indeterminacy, and everything else you ever wanted to know about the doyen of CLS.